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compliance - chrome free leather, oeko tex


DERİDESEN is a well-known and experienced label manufacturer based in Istanbul, Turkey since 1969.

DERİDESEN is one of the major leather label supplier of the denim market out of Turkey; specializes in label manufacturing for jeans wear, sportswear in regarding  leather and PU labels along with printed fabric labels and hangtags.

With a modern facility and ongoing investments, DERİDESEN has become a main source for well-known global brands and suppliers over the years.

DERİDESEN strives to bring creative solutions to the market with a fast delivery service at the right price with over 150 employees in a 5.200m2 factory supplying labels to the garment industry.

If you are looking for creative solutions for labels, research and development, concept designs or if you have any other question, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to help you in a professional and above all creative way.